At present, our group of companies exports to Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Norway and Iraq. Internationalization is our main goal and we have achieved it by developing our own products; Floodgates, set dams, large casting molds and chain basket filters, as well as by purchasing business. Businesses with business know-how, good products that are in demand, such as Vapor boilers and boiler plants, and pressure vessels.

Alongside mechanical expertise, hydraulic and electrical and automation expertise has been developed. We have invested in our own design department and implemented significant overall projects, e.g. the design and manufacture of a drilling rig and the design and manufacture of dredger hydraulics and the electrical and automation modernization of a harbor crane. New services have been developed by investing in e.g. CNC machining centers, which have manufactured hydraulic blocks and made subassemblies for equipment and machine manufacturers.