Water and steam boilers

Factory-made VAPOR- steam boiler plant can be prepared for the steam center in our factory. The boiler plant will be built in steel-framed container structure, and it is therefore easily transferable. Maximum power individual per container is typically 10 MW. The size of the removable plant is only limited by technical issues of transportation.

Container based boiler plants are tested in our factory before delivery to the installation site. This way the customer can quickly start steam production.

Factory-boiler plant advantages:

  • low-cost investment
  • the delivery and installation of speed
  • Transfer of changing needs.

Vapor Water Boilers

Our boiler plants design is based on the economic solution for highest possible efficiency. As fuels are, for example, boiler plants in the oil, natural gas as well as in industrial processes created by product and biogases. Always considered when designing the investment environment, plant maintainability, and in addition to the lowest possible emissions.

Thermal centers, heat production in the most appropriate and high-quality hot-water boilers are economically worthwhile investment for their high efficiency and long service life. Vapor water and steam boilers serve widely in industry, and is also used in the public sector, energy and district heating plants, and smaller items, such as laundries and bakeries.


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