Weldings for industrial piping

Long experience in industrial piping project implementations in different parts of the Finland provides capability to provide successful complete project within the target time. Long experience in the industry helps us to find the best solutions. We offer services for industrial investments and maintenance of pipelines in different parts of Finland and Sweden.

Own design expertise
Our engineers are highly qualified professionals, who are familiar with workshops, working methods and equipment, and are also involved in the majority of our sites. Own design will bring the total delivery flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Material Acquisitions
Project success depends on the seamless cooperation between the project organization. The design produces complete material lists, which makes it easy to take material procurement from our supplier network in time and even cost-effectively.

Prefabrication in our workshops
Prefabrication in workshops reduces the installation work and the amount of time pertaining to the site. Optimal production conditions provide the improved quality.

Installation and welding group
Our industry service groups, which are located in different parts of finland, are used to work safely and flexibly. Installation officers are professionals. Employees’ attitude and teamwork, in turn, helps us to cope with the tight spots without accidents. Careful orientation for customers site conditions helps us to prevent dangerous situations, which is also part of our expertise.


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